Four Peaks


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Lambskin or Slink skins are sourced from casualty lambs - those lost in bad weather or the first few weeks after birth. These skins are very soft, light and flexible. The naturally curly wool can be straightened which gives a fur-like result.  The reverse of the pelt can have a suede, nubuck or nappa finish. We work with lambskin which is lighter and more flexible than sheepskin.


Opossum fur is extremely light and warm. The fur fibres are hollow (like that of the arctic fox and polar bear) which retain heat and repel water .  Natural fur colours are attractive and the fur also takes dye well. Opossums, introduced into New Zealand in the 1800's, have now become a serious environmental pest.


Calfskin like the lambskin is from young animals. The most common colourings are brown and white. No two skins ever have exactly the same markings.


Deer Leather which is from farmed New Zealand deer, has a unique grain & texture.


All our pelts are sourced and tanned in New Zealand to the highest standards

Below are lambskin seam samples